Stephanie Pratt Hairstyles

Stephanie Pratt

The celebrities choose to keep long hair most of the times because the hair is something beautiful which you can grow and maintain nicely. She sported the braided hairstyle. This was a nice hairstyle where she braided her hair and let some loose strands to frame her face. The Messy Updo was one more style which Stephanie chose to sport recently. She had a loose bun with her hair parted in the middle.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Stephanie Pratt

The long centre part was another hairstyle of hers which caught a lot of attention. The top of the head contained a good volume of hair with a middle parting and tresses let loose on the sides. This hairstyle does carry a casual look with some flamboyance of feminism. The hair was given slight waviness which added more to the charisma.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Stephanie Pratt before Make-up

Her long curls are also a good example of a long curly hairstyle. Many women are not able to attain the perfect amount of curls along with the length of the hair. Stephanie has got it done perfectly with not giving too much volume on the top of the head like the long centre part. In her range of hairstyles, she continues to choose for the long straight haircut.

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