End for Audrina and Justin

The end of “The Hills” is also the end for Audrina and Justin?

The love story between Audrina and Justin starts from the first season of “The Hills” and it seems to be end in the final episode, this time for good. However, the fans of the show can’t stop wondering if this time is for good or not. Justin and Audrina have been through so many break ups that no one can count them anymore.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Audrina and Lauren

Each time, they got back together even though this didn’t always seem to be the best choice. They have both seen other people while they were on “pause”, but this didn’t stop them from taking the relationship back from where they left it. Audrina has also been involved with Brody and Ryan, but it looks like no one could make her happy, but Justin.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Audrina and Justin?

Many people would consider a relationship like theirs dangerous and a waste of time. Why spending so much time with a person that has made you unhappy so many times? Apparently, the flame between them was stronger than their sufferings and everything was forgotten once they were back together again. In the final episode Audrina makes a choice that some people consider wise and she decided to go on without Justin in her life. Time will tell if they will be able to stay apart.


Life Lessons

“The Hills” – Life Lessons

After “The Hills” ended many people wondered if it was indeed a reality-show or just a scripted one meant to entertain. Whatever the answer is, one thing remains true. The things that happen between all those involved in the show, whether real or not, are teaching us some important life lessons. We all witness how a relationship can affect a friendship that was supposed to be stronger.

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Heidi’s relationship with Spencer seems to be the one that puts a final end to the friendship between Lauren and Heidi. Although not at all desirable, this happens to a lot of people. Although the love between Heidi and Spencer led to marriage, they have had their ups and downs and their relationship was not always happy. However, it was stronger than the friendship between the two girls. Reconciliation was possible at some points, but it never occurred and this seemed like the main reason that determined Lauren to leave the show in the 5th season.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Heidi Montag

Although Heidi caught Spencer cheating on her and they have even been separated for a while, they ended up moving together and getting married, while the friendship with Lauren was long lost. Unfortunately, it seems that it was all in vain because their marriage finally ended in an ugly divorce.