Teaching Us About Second Chances

What Is “The Hills” Teaching Us About Second Chances

Regardless the controversy that emerged after the final episode of “The Hills”, the show still remains very popular and many people consider that it has thought them valuable lessons. Lots of people didn’t even blink an eye in front of the TV in order to see what will happen with the girl that left Laguna Beach. Her career and her relationship with her friends take tumultuous turns during the five seasons in which she is present. When it comes to her love life, two of her relationships are with ex lovers and they don’t bring anything good to her life.

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First there is Jason, who makes his appearance in the first season and Lauren decides to give him a second chance. More than that, she even declines a summer internship in Paris in order to be close to her love. Unfortunately, she ends up realizing that she has made a mistake by giving Jason a second chance and after breaking up with him she focus on her career, as being the most important thing for her at the moment.

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After another unsuccessful relationship with Brody, Lauren gets back together with another man from her past, Doug. This is also a total fiasco because they soon break up as Lauren feels that there is no sparkle in their relationship. The bottom line is that “The Hills” encourages us to say “no” to second chances.