Whitney Port

Whitney Port

In the midst of all the catfights, necklace wearing, drunken nights and frosted tips dudes who populate the addictive and mesmerizing reality show- The Hills, Whitney Port has always given an even keeled and solid presence. She is considered as the cool boho, the one who is not hesitant in taking any kinds of fashion risks.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Whitney Port

She is admired a lot for her fashion sense. Among all the girls on the show, the style of Whitney Port has persevered. Lauren and Heidi Montag own a collection but Whitney is also not far behind and has her on the way.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Whitney Port Fashion

She does not consider herself as a part of the rat race of fashion; rather she has a passion for style that reflects on her wardrobe. She is no longer a novice and has her way to the style stardom now. She is focusing on her fresh contemporary line Eve and A. this will launch with the seventeen party pieces including jackets, tops in the fall. She is making way to a very successful and promising collection.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Elegant Whitney Port

Whitney is rarely wrong with her style, she is known for mixing her style and makeup with changing time. She has a subtle but stylish sense of fashion. Her style is basically a great blend of east and west cost styles with a tinge of vintage flair. She uses a lot of colors. She keeps on trying something new everyday. She loves bright colors and inculcates it well in her wardrobe. Her unique sense of style embodies sophistication and elegance in true sense

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