Lady Gaga Make up Tips

Lady Gaga make up tip

The personal style of Lady Gaga is not for the faint hearted people and there is nothing subtle about her face. From her thick fake eye lashes to her blunt hair styles, she looks as if she is coming right from a cabaret or a doll aisle from a toy store.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lady Gaga

If you want to look like Lady Gaga, you will have to use full false eye lashes strips instead of the individual pieces. After that, finish them with a jet black thickening mascara and a black liquid eye liner is also a must. Eye shadow in black power will create drama and depth that Lady Gaga is famous for.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lady Gaga Hairstyle

The lipstick collection of Lady Gaga may range from pale frosted pinks to bright rouges. Layer it on with a gloss so that attention is called for on your luscious lips. This style applying lipstick will give you a coveted effect of a doll face.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Lady Gaga Fashion

As far as the hair of Lady Gaga is concerned, you will have to get your hair bleached, no matter you are a brunette, go to a wig store to try some blunt hair styles that your hair stylist can bleach, without damaging your real hair. Apart from that, keep a look on new hair styles of Lady Gaga and try to sport them from time to time.


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